Come To NON Board Meeting To Protest DRASTIC Restructuring Plan

 Here is the report presented yesterday by X.A  Academic Senate President Lillian Marrujo-Duck: Academic Senate President report

There were many public comments at the meeting, unfortunately the public comments at the Non Board meetings are not recorded.

Here is one public comment from Karen Saginor:  Saginor comment

1ef5c39a-5db1-4f12-818d-abc7e7967cd5Thursday, December 18th, 4:00 pm

Ocean Campus—-MUB 140

The CCSF administration just announced a drastic department reorganization with no genuine engagement of the college community.

Please come to the (non) board meeting to tell the STWEP (Special Trustee With Extraordinary Powers) that we need genuine college-wide dialogue and input before any major reorganization of the college occurs.

Some Background:

The administration chose to use the Department Chair Council (DCC) working conditions negotiations as a vehicle for the dialogue rather than facilitate an authentic college-wide conversation. Although the DCC steadfastly opposed restructuring as unnecessary and contrary to the interests of the students and faculty, the District has insisted on it.

Additionally, it is important to note that Education Code requires that the District consult with the Academic Senate on any aspects of a plan that affect academic and professional matters.

The Academic Senate is concerned about the process that was used. Instead of engaging in best practices, the administration engaged in almost every strategy identified that leads to poor results. They failed to articulate a satisfactory explanation for the need. They failed to solicit broad-based input. They failed to communicate with the larger campus community about this important issue.

A major concern is that the plan calls for separating noncredit ESL from the parallel credit ESL program. These would become two departments instead of the award-winning integrated program which has not only won a national award but has twice the success rate of programs at community colleges statewide.

We are asking that the administration enter into a genuine conversation with the wider community and seek broad based input before implementing this plan.

SAVE CCSF COALITION files a federal civil rights lawsuit

December 3, 2015

SAVE CCSF COALITION filed a federal civil rights lawsuit along with students Otto Pippenger and Dimitrios Philliou, challenging the police misconduct which occurred at a campus demonstration on March 13, 2014, when Otto and Dimitrios were seriously injured by San Francisco police and Community College police. Otto and Dimitrios were exercising their right to speak out against changes in college policies and governance put in place in response to the ACCJC’s decision to terminate CCSF’s accreditation, when police violently attacked the student demonstrators with clubs, fists and pepper spray. Otto and Dimitrios were arrested and incarcerated until the early morning. Neither was ever charged with any crime, but Chancellor Tyler issued a public statement groundlessly accusing the students of violence, while failing to take responsibility for the police officers’ needless and unconstitutional brutality. SAVE CCSF COALITION is asking the federal court for an injunction requiring the administration and police to respect freedom of speech and train officers appropriately. The Coalition and the injured students are represented by San Francisco civil rights attorney and National Lawyers Guild chapter president Rachel Lederman.



Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee Meeting

Hang on to your hats, everyone! The first meeting since 2013 of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) is this Monday!

PAECProp 39 was to fund the Performing Arts and Education Center (PAEC) that STWEP Agrella cancelled.

Supporters of the Performing Arts and Education Center (PAEC) should come to this meeting:

Monday, November 24th 1:30 pm

33 Gough Street Auditorium


Tuesday Nov. 25th at 2:15pm in MUB 361

Wednesday Nov 26th at 2:15pm in MUB 171

Join students, faculty, and staff for a teach-in on the accreditation crisis, its effect on enrollment, and disproportionate impact on Diversity Studies, resource centers, and “at-risk” students; LGBTQ students, single parents, students of color, undocumented, students with disabilities, etc. The teach-in will be followed by discussion on building an effective movement to defend diversity studies, reverse cuts to resource centers and classes, and restoring the democratically elected board of trustees.



The California Community College Board for Governors will be considering a plan that delays restoration of the CCSF Board of Trustees at least 18 months. We demand that they be immediately restored. Join us to let them know we want our democracy back! The
(Special Trustee With Extraordinary Powers) STWEP MUST GO!


Monday, November 17th
  DeAnza Community College
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino
Hinson Campus Center Rooms A and B
Rally at 11:00
Meeting starts at 12:00 pm

Trial Updates

IMG_2647For the entire week of Oct 27th, Superior Court Judge Karnow heard testimony from both the City Attorney’s Office and the ACCJC in the matter of the People of California vs. the ACCJC. 

Links to some good coverage of trial: 
The City College trial: A bit of perspective
City College accreditors try to dig out of a hole
AFT 2121
City attorneys: Adequate warning not given on threat to close CCSF
Panel chief appears to change testimony in CCSF trial
For links to other articles about the trial see Latest News.

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What’s next?
The attorney’s will be submitting post-trial briefs and probably some additional motions. These are due to the judge on December 2nd. He will hear oral closing arguments on December 9th at 1:30 pm. After that he will issue a tentative ruling and send to the attorneys who will then get a chance to submit written objections. After the judge considers these he will issue his final ruling. So this all sounds like not until at least January.



November 5th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm//Mission Campus – Room 107/108

Agenda includes preparations for the Board of Governors meeting on November 17th



CCSF vs. Accreditors

Join us at trial: OCTOBER 27nd-31st


The Stakes?
Open Access for All vs. Success for a Few!

California State Superior Court (Judge Curtis Karnow)
400 McAllister St at Polk
Court sessions start at 10:00 am daily

Join us at the long awaited trial in the lawsuit of SF City Atty Dennis Herrera vs the ACCJC. In the courtroom to let Judge Curtis Karnow know that San Francisco supports CCSF and is against the ACCJC and its corporate allies who are trying to downsize and change the mission of California Community Colleges.

Please sign up for shifts at AFT 2121 website: