Rally & Press Event to Tell ACCJC: Treat our colleges fairly!

Friday, June 5 at 1 p.m.
Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel (1 Hegenberger Road)

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) treats California’s Community colleges inconsistently and unfairly, harming thousands of students, faculty and staff across the state. Our San Francisco Superior Court ruled that the ACCJC broke the law when it tried to close City College of San Francisco and the U.S. Department of Education criticized the ACCJC for its treatment of our California community colleges and violations of accrediting norms. In response the California Federation of Teachers, our City College faculty union and other supporters from across California have been fighting for fair accreditation reforms.

What do you think about how the ACCJC has treated our City College? The next ACCJC meeting will be on Friday, June 5th in Oakland. You can bet that AFT 2121 and CFT leaders from across the state will be there to tell them what we think! We are holding a protest and press conference. Want to help?  Invite your friends and come out to join us.


Resolution To help CCSF Students Passed!

Jane Kim picA  resolution urging the administration of CCSF to present a construction plan for the seismic retrofitting of the Civic Center campus, and  urging that CCSF provide temporary classrooms in the Central City/Tenderloin area for all classes that have been displaced by the decision to close the Civic Center campus passed unanimously on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. In addition Supervisors Christensen, Yee, and Avalos requested to be added to the resolution as co-sponsors.

Thank you Supervisor Kim for sponsoring  this resolution!

Sign the petition telling State Chancellor to return democracy to CCSF – NOW!

Sign the petition!

Tell statewide Chancellor Brice Harris and the California Community College Board of Governors that we demand the immediate return of the City College of San Francisco democratically elected Board of Trustees! No STWEP!

Brice Harris announced on February 23rd that the board will not be given back their powers until July. He appointed a new STWEP (Guy Lease) to replace Robert Agrella who unexpectedly announced his retirement. Harris did this despite his own testimony during the trial last fall on the original appointment where he said that had he known then what he knows now,   he “would not have asked the Board of Governors to take the extraordinary step of setting aside the locally elected Board of Trustees and elevate the special trustee to one with extraordinary powers.”

Sign the petition!

Protest Announcement of STWEP II


Monday, February 23rd
Protest at 10:30 am
Press Conference at 11:00 am
Ocean Campus Wellness Center Room 103

State Chancellor Brice Harris and his Board of Governors appointed a Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers (STWEP) and removed CCSF’s elected board based on the ACCJC decision to terminate CCSF’s accreditation.

The Superior Court of California has since ruled that this termination decision was based on illegal processes.

Now that STWEP I has unexpectedly retired, it would be a perfect time to re-empower our democratically elected BOT. However, Brice Harris, not content with merely two years worth of treating the San Francisco voters to taxation without representation will announce STWEP II who will once again have complete control over City College.

The full empowerment of the democratically elected Board of Trustees is crucial for the well-being and future of the school and its tens of thousands of students.