Judge’s ruling supports CCSF – smacks ACCJC

The City Attorney’s press release is clearest about what happens next.
Karnow’s proposed injunction would require a full, fair reconsideration of City College by the Novato, Calif.-based accrediting panel, assuring due process rights that Karnow found accreditors denied the college in 2013. Karnow’s injunction would require accreditors to rectify multiple deficiencies in their 2013 evaluation by engaging in a thorough reconsideration process, while prohibiting ACCJC from taking any action to finalize a termination decision until the process is complete. Karnow directed City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office to take the lead in drafting a detailed injunction that reflects the terms outlined by Karnow. ACCJC will be entitled to make objections to the injunction, but Karnow himself would make all final decisions on the court order. The contemplated injunction would allow City College to opt into a reconsideration process issued by the court, or opt out of the process by continuing with the “restoration process” accreditors created and approved for City College for yesterday.

Here are links to articles. Please be aware that some of the media coverage either reflects a poor understanding of judicial process, or hastiness in grasping all the implications.










Chancellor abruptly closes Civic Center Campus


12:30 pm
Rally at CCSF Civic Center Campus (750 Eddy)
1:00 pm
March to City Hall
Friday, January 16th

We have yet to see any evidence that holding classes at CCSF Civic Center Campus poses any life safety issues. Yet, three days before classes were set to begin CCSF Chancellor Tyler abruptly informed faculty that their campus was not seismically sound and they could not teach their classes on Monday, the first day of the spring semester.

The sudden closure of Civic Center campus probably would not have happened if we had an empowered Board of Trustees and a democratic, open, decision-making process here at CCSF.

Please join AFT 2121 for a rally and press conference outside of the Civic Center campus and then a march to the steps of City Hall for an English as a second language citizenship lesson.

See video of first day of Spring 2015 semester – Civic Center Campus CLOSED!


From the Enrollment Campaign

Fiaso. Folly. Fortune.

As we resist the Civic Center closure, bemoan the unjust terms of restoration status, and look forwarEnrollmentCampaignd to a potentially luminous decision from Judge Karnow, the Enrollment Campaign keeps its door open at Mission. Literally.

 The door to the lobby area of the sweet suite of offices on the second floor of the Bartlett Building is always unlocked. Go south (or right) after climbing the stairs or exiting the elevator to Room 261. You will find two tables full of flyers, brochures, and Time Schedules.
Right now, a few more students in a number of classes will make the difference between a successful semester for many of us or another darkened classroom.

If you want to chat and receive a neighborhood assignment, the actual office will be open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, January 17. Otherwise just walk through the open door and get your supplies whenever it is convenient for you, and maybe even a few friends, to stop by.

Volunteer Enrollment Campaign
Danny Halford, Dana Jae Labrecque, Susan Lopez, Ann MacAndrew, Leslie Simon

Note: The enrollment campaign is not a project of the Save CCSF Coalition, however, we recognize its importance and give it our full support.

ACCJC grants “Restoration” Status to CCSF

ACCJC announced that they have granted restoratioan status to CCSF. This will NOT moot the decision of Judge Karnow expected soon.

In August, Chancellor Tyler wrote that CCSF applied for restoration status “because it simply has no other administrative option at this time.”  And that it is only for lack of other options that CCSF must agree to “such unfavorable conditions that expand the scope of the compliance assessment, heighten the standard of review, provide a great deal of uncertainty throughout the duration of the process, utilize procedures that have yet to be developed, and abolish the due process protections enjoyed by other ACCJC member institutions.

Chancellor Tyler went on to say,

The phrase “fully meets” is used repeatedly in this Policy but does not appear anywhere else in the Standards or policies. It would suggest that the slightest variation from compliance on any substandard or policy would be grounds for immediate termination. … CCSF finds this to be unreasonable and raises the potential for arbitrary and capricious action in the future.

Un-Cancel The Arts!

PAECProtest 4PM Monday January 12, 2015
Conlan Hall

More than 3,000 students at the City College of San Francisco study Music, Theatre and Dance but lack practice and rehearsal space, a requisite for certificates of study and transfer degrees.  The $88 million Performing Arts Education Center (PAEC) was twice voter approved but current Special Trustee Dr. Robert F. Agrella unilaterally cancelled the project on September 17, 2013.

                 This Monday, the first day of classes, the Performing Arts Education Club will perform a protest at 4PM at Conlan Hall !

End the ACCJC/BOG-Installed Regime – Rebuild Our City College!

Education is a public good and a human right!

If you agree with the goals and sentiments expressed here, please….

Come to the next Save City College Coalition General Assembly
Wednesday, January 21st, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Mission Campus, room 154

Be ready to attend the Rapid Response Rally
Following the announcement of Judge Karnow’s decision.


  1. End the state takeover immediately, including the ACCJC/BOG-installed Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers and his chancellor. Reinstate the elected Board of Trustees to represent students, teachers, staff, labor, and our communities—end top-down governance and reconstruct vibrant local democracy.
  2. Rebuild City College rapidly towards 100,000 students through an effective enrollment campaign that especially targets marginalized low-income communities of color in San Francisco, rather than only full-time students headed for the corporate workforce. Hold the administration responsible for the veiled policy of downsizing. (The administration stated this policy to the SF Chronicle on October 25, 2013: “…we are in a serious transition to right-size the college.”)
  3. End push-out policies that gentrify City College by excluding thousands of students, including the aggressive “pay to stay” policy that robo-dropped 1400 students on January 7 before the semester even started, weeks before financial aid arrives. The payment policy has disproportionately affected undocumented and low-income students of color, forcing them out, or toward predatory payment plans from Nelnet. In the name of collecting back payments averaging under $250, the administration is willing to forego state appropriations of up to $4676 (less tuition/waivers, for a full-time, credit student). This only makes sense if the goal is downsizing and privatization.
  4. Reaffirm the Open Access commitment of the California Master Plan of 1960. End the ACCJC-imposed cuts in the mission of our public college. Restore the broad mission, including community engagement, lifelong learning, enrichment classes, physical education and citizenship classes, both non-credit and credit.
  5. Rebuild access, affordability and quality with social justice: Expand and strengthen Diversity Studies Departments as vital community anchors; reverse cuts to essential student services; rehire all laid off counselors to meet student demand; no guns to campus police, end racial profiling. Keep the community in community college!
  6. Fully fund all Resource Centers!Funding for the resource centers was arbitrarily cut by up to 50 percent, severely limiting access to vital resources for marginalized students, and forcing student workers to be laid off.
  7. Complete the voter-approved Performing Arts Education Center. Rebuild arts, humanities and languages.
  8. Use Prop A and Prop 30 monies to reverse cuts to programs and services, not on admin, consultants and lawyers.
  9. No land grabs of the Reservoir or other irreplaceable City College assets by real estate developers, gentrifiers and their shills. All public assets built up by our ancestors over 80 years must be held in sacred trust for the seventh generation. Education is not for sale!
  10. Respect labor rights and the expertise of educators in education. No imposed reorganization that sets up non-credit for marginalization and cutbacks. Reverse the policy of converting to precarious part-time employment for faculty, end aggressive class cancellations, bring back our valued colleagues. Negotiate with our unions with respect.