Take Action

Give your input into the CCSF Education Master Plan
take the survey and/or attend a public session
Read report from Vice Pres. Academic Senate critiquing process.

Sign a petition to save the Performing Arts Center, an important resource not just for CCSF but the San Francisco community who voted for it and which was shovel ready and fully funded when the Special Trustee nixed it.

Sign the petition from our Community Partners, Chinese for Affirmative Action, who launched the Move CCSF Forward campaign and were largely responsible for getting Nancy Pelosi’s support of CCSF.

Sign the Petition asking DOE to disband ACCJC to save CCSF

Contact Your Elected Officials - Tell them to speak out against the ACCJC assault on CCSF

Join a Save CCSF Coalition committee

Please have you and/or your organization Endorse us!

Sign the National Petition to Defend CCSF