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Sign the petition telling State Chancellor to return democracy to CCSF – NOW!

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Tell statewide Chancellor Brice Harris and the California Community College Board of Governors that we demand the immediate return of the City College of San Francisco democratically elected Board of Trustees! No STWEP!

Brice Harris announced on February 23rd that the board will not be given back their powers until July. He appointed a new STWEP (Guy Lease) to replace Robert Agrella who unexpectedly announced his retirement. Harris did this despite his own testimony during the trial last fall on the original appointment where he said that had he known then what he knows now, he “would not have asked the Board of Governors to take the extraordinary step of setting aside the locally elected Board of Trustees and elevate the special trustee to one with extraordinary powers.”

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Sign Trustee Anita Grier’s petition to restore repeatability.

An article on this is available by  downloading the PDF of the September issue of the West Side Observer and navigating to Page 4:

Sign a petition to save the Performing Arts Center, an important resource not just for CCSF but the San Francisco community who voted for it and which was shovel ready and fully funded when the Special Trustee nixed it.

Sign the petition from our Community Partners, Chinese for Affirmative Action, who launched the Move CCSF Forward campaign and were largely responsible for getting Nancy Pelosi’s support of CCSF.

Sign the Petition asking DOE to disband ACCJC to save CCSF

Contact Your Elected Officials – Tell them to speak out against the ACCJC assault on CCSF

Join a Save CCSF Coalition committee

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Sign the National Petition to Defend CCSF

Contact the ACCJC (and others) to let them know that you support the resolution’s call for full accreditation for CCSF. Resolution for accreditation
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